023 IMAGINE / AC-DC with Axl Rose, новый альбом Garbage и другое в программе SoundCheck

Трэк лист передачи:
Doomsday Revival — Hero’s Lament
Saliva — Rx
Whisky Of Blood — Feel The Pain
Vanguard — Popularity
Born Healer — Since I’ve Been Loving You
AC-DC — 2016 — Axl or Bust. Tour with Axl Rose Back in Black
Rage — Open Fire
KONGOS — Underground
Garbage — Night Drive Loneliness
Train — The Lemon Song
Another Lost Year — Memories
Cryptic Veil — The Naked Smell of Lust
Bad Moon Born — Chemical Lullaby
Sloe Gin Gypsies — Stormy Monday
William Bell — Poison in the Well

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