039 IMAGINE / Новые альбомы групп Lordi и Kansas и другие новинки в «Саундчеке».

Треклист передачи:
Lordi — Heaven Sent Hell On Earth
Paradox — Cheat & Pretend
Hansen & Friends — Enemies Of Fun (feat. Ralf Scheepers & Pi
Lazy Eye — Keepin’ From Lovin’
Pet Shop Boys — Say It To Me (Stuart Price Alternative Mix)
Airbourne — It’s Never Too Loud for Me
KISS — Hard Luck Woman (Acoustic)
Kansas — Camouflage
A Martyr’s New Pitch — Dirty Little Thieves
Aephanemer — Unstoppable
Big Head Blues Club-My Love Will Never Die
Chaos By Candlelight — To Find You
Attick Demons — Ritual
From The Fire — Night I Made You Mine
Desert Near The End — At The Shores
Lordi — Sick Flick

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