043 IMAGINE / Новые альбомы Korn, Larry Miller и другие новинки в «СаундЧеке».

Треклист передачи:
Pulse R — Digital (R) Evolution
Skarlet — Widowmaker
Heaven Below — Devilina And The Damage Done
Imperial Crowns — The Calling
Korn — Calling Me Too Soon
Soulpower Experience — Born Under A Bad Sign
Beyond Obsession — Moment of Truth
Drunkard — Inhale The Inferno
David Bromberg Band — This Month
John Doe Trio — Til My Baby Comes
The Silverblack — Someone Like You
Larry Miller — No More Mister Nice Guy
Kee Marcello — Finger on the Trigger
Disciple — Underdog Fight Song
Noise Pollution — Shame
Existance — Sinner of Love
Cross The Divide — Sail on the Stars

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