044 IMAGINE / Новые альбомы Pretty Maids, Snowy White и другие новинки в «СаундЧеке».

Треклист передачи:
Swampbox — Weight of Millions
Alchemy — A Moment of Sheer Introspection
Akeem Kemp — As The Years Go Passing By
Animan — Black Star
Pretty Maids — Sickening
Lady Gaga — John Wayne
Mick Abrahams — Lassoo Aka Larrytino
Michael Buble — The Very Thought Of You
Jon Butcher — 2 Roads East
Snowy White — I Know What’s Coming
Scotty Bratcher — As The Years Go Passing By
9 ELECTRIC -The Damaged Ones
Poltergeist — And So It Has Begun
Status Quo — Backwater
Myall-Lake — Out of My Mind
Absolution — Watch It All Come Crashing Down
Soulwound — Altars of Skin
Danger Angel — All The King’s Horses

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