045 IMAGINE / Новинки октября 2016 года — программа SoundCheck PLUS

Новинки октября 2016 года — программа SoundCheck PLUS. Треклист передачи:
Joe Lynn Turner — Back in Black (feat. Phil Collen)
Art of Dying — Seen This Coming
Barry Gibb — Soldier’s Son
Black Valentine — Methadone
Chris Pendergraft — Feel Good
Chris de Burgh — Bethlehem
Drunkard — Exaltation III
Beth Hart — Jazz Man
Beyond Obsession — Destroyer
Change Of Heart — Stone Cold (In Your Eyes)
David Bromberg Band — You’ve Been a Good Ole Wagon
Dirt Chili — Save Yourself
Hollywood Monsters — Fool for Your Loving (Bonus Track)
Jack Mack & The Heart Attack Horns — Somethin’ In The Water
Joe Bonamassa — Some Other Day, Some Other Time
Korn — Take Me
Liquid Steel — Nightchild
Psychework — Keep The Flame
Vince Vallicelli Band — Whysky
The Quireboys — Twisted Love
My Chemical Romance — Teenagers
Status Quo — In The Army Now
The Bellrays — Whole Lotta Love
The Defiants — When The Lights Go Down

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