046 IMAGINE / Новые альбомы Гленна Хьюза, Bon Jovi, Cheap Trick и другие новинки.

Треклист передачи: Bon Jovi — This House Is Not For Sale
Debustrol — Primitivne
Dirkschneider (Live — Back To The Roots) — Monsterman
Metallica — Atlas, Rise!
Roxin’ Palace — Thai of Mine
Brad Wilson — I Can’t Quit You Baby
Glenn Hughes — Heavy
Cheap Trick — Long Time No See Ya
Jakob’s Echo — Welcome to the Machine
Precipitation — Hideout
Angels Or King — The Night’s Don’t Count
Crazy N’ Sane — Break Free
Metallica — When a blind man cries (Deep Purple cover)
Munich Syndrome — Disco (Redux)
Enormodome — Right by You
Prevail In Darkness — Truth Unfolds
Rossington — Something Fishy
Herman Frank — License To Kill

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