049 IMAGINE / Новые альбомы In Flames , Anthrax и другие новинки в «СаундЧеке».

Треклист передачи:
Rising Steel — Dead or Alive
Suicidal Tendencies — Happy Never After
Anthrax — Breathing Lightning
Mike Zito — Road Dog
Glass Apple Bonzai — A Wicked Fire (Finale)
Rainbow — Smoke On The Water (Live At Stuttgart)
Bobby Kimball — Scam
Enbound — You Make Me So Unreal
In Flames — Save Me
Iron Fire — No Sign of Life
BlueTouch — The Wrong Road
Lightning Strikes — We Don’t Rock Alone
The Treatment — The Devil
Be The Wolf — Blah Blah Blah
ReaPteR — Repeat
The Bob Lanza Blues Band — Time to Let Go

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Добавлен: 20.08.2017 08:08:24
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