059 IMAGINE / Свежая Thrash музыка и новый альбом Джона Майала (2017) в «СаундЧеке».

Треклист передачи: Avenford — Unholy Game
Fight The Fight — Fight the Fight
Silent Circus — Agony
John Mayall — Talk About That
Quinn Sullivan — While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Too Mutz Blues Band — Since I’ve Been Loving You
Sharam Jey — Hearts of Stone (feat. Andreas Hogby)
Jim Jidhed — First Time
Ben Granfelt Band — Open Road, Open Book
Big Daddy Wilson — 7 Years
Black Paisley — Autumn
Shatter Influence — Hush
Black Star Riders — Ticket To Rise
John Mayall — The Devil Must Be Laughing (feat. Joe Walsh)
Last Command — Those Who Don’t Fear Death
Pride Of Lions — Silent Music
Ghost Avenue — Construction

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