060 IMAGINE / Kreator, Prime Creation и другие в программе SOUNDCHECK PLUS (за январь 2017)

Треклист передачи:
Prime Creation — Scream
Kreator — World War Now
Skaza — Approaching Storm
The Joey O Band — The Devil I Know
Skytown Riot — Runaway Princess
Zed Mitchell — Child Of The Moon
Wild Souls — Dirty Mind
David Bowie — No Plan
Jessie Galante — The Show Must Go On
Jimmy Bez — Have You Ever Loved a Woman
Quinn Sullivan — Crazy into You
Lachy Doley Group — Stop Listening To The Blues
Syron Vanes — Crucified
The Soul Of John Black — Cher
Sharam Jey — The More That I Do (feat. Nik Valentino)
Last Command — Last Command
Traitors Gate — Dear Miss Kelly
Simon Kinny-Lewis — Street Blues

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