067 IMAGINE / Свежие работы Bonfire, Steel Panther, Take That и другие новинки в «Санудчеке».

Треклист передачи: Bonfire — Byte The Bullet
Steel Panther — Pussy Ain’t Free
Witchery — In Warm Blood
Charlie Vitamine — Bleeding Heart
Samantha Fish — You’ll Never Change
Archaic Knowledge — Unbreakable
Troika — Pripyat
Miami Horror — Leila
Loewenhertz — Unsichtbar (DJTHOMMY)
Ravage — Dr. Mad
Killing Grace — Living Like A Suicide
Jeff Michaels — Rolling On Down The Street
Steve Hackett — Behind The Smoke
T.O.Y. — The Darkness & The Light
Damien Robitaille — Univers Paralleles
Chris Bergson Band — Knuckles & Bones (feat. Ellis Hooks)
Royal Reverse — 60 Days
Jailbirds – Down The Line
The Soul Exchange — Torn to Pieces

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