068 IMAGINE / Новые альбомы Sinner, Coco Montoya, Osukaru и прочие новинки недели в программе «СаундЧек».

Tреклист передачи: Sinner — House of Rock
Big Atlantic — She’s the One
Booze Boner Trouble — Need No Girls
Coco Montoya — Where Can A Man Go From Here
Jeb Loy Nichols — That’s How We’re Living
Mick McConnell — Visiting Mr -J-
Osukaru — Voodoo (Who Do)
Harness Unseen — Six
Lauren Mitchell — Stand Up Like A Man
Ruthie Foster — War Pigs
Second Version — Losing My Religion
Mike Coacci — You Should Know
Heart Attack — Disorder
The Mavericks — Damned (If You Do)
The Blues Swingers — I Do
Danko Jones — Revolution (But Then We Make Love)
Davey Suicide — No Place Like Hell
Slowburner — Heart’s On Fire
Deficiency — From A Less To A Greater Perfection

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