071 IMAGINE / Новые альбомы Alphaville, Sheryl Crow, Brian May в программе «Новинки недели — SoundCheck».

Треклист передачи:
Arthemis — Undead
Alphaville — Marionettes With Halos
Corroded — Gun And A Bullet
Jarekus Singleton — Im Leaving You
Sheryl Crow — Be Myself
Texas — Can’t Control
Eight N’ Up — Start Me Up
Firewire — Feelin’ Blue
Brian May — Flame On (w. Tony Iommi)
Chuck Van Riper & Dave Thomas — Perfect Fit
Harppia — Black Joe
Howard Baker — Eleanor Rigby
Bendher — Make up Your Mind
Chords of Chaos — Killing in the Name
Philip Bell — Penitentiary Blues
The Defibrillators — Prostitute
Richie Kotzen — This Is Life
Jim Perry — Equality (should be easy)
Louis King — A Man Ain’t Nothin’ (But A Dirty Dog)
Earnest ‘Guitar’ Roy — I Didn’t Know
Marcus Malone — Philomene

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Добавлен: 20.08.2017 09:08:40
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