074 IMAGINE / Kreator, Sinner, Baccara, Deep Purple и много других новинок в прогамме «СаундЧек PLUS».

Музыкальные новинки, не вошедшие в основные выпуски приграммы SoundCheck — программа «Саундчек ПЛЮС» (за апрель 2017)
Треклист передачи:
Arthemis — Inner-Fury Unleashed
Brothers Of Metal — Son Of Odin
Corna — Black Fire
Ken Valdez — Far From Gone
Kreator — Satan Is Real
Deep Purple — All I Got Is You
Baccara — I Love You Moscow
Harem Scarem — No Regrets
Corroded — Burn It To The Ground
Firewire — Wellington Street
Kyles Tolone — Losing Time
Sinner — Monday Morning
Samantha Fish — Somebody’s Always Trying
Take That — Lucky Stars
Theo — Uphill Road (feat. Henning Basse)
Steel Panther — Goin’ In The Backdoor
The Blues Swingers — By Friday
Heart Attack — Burn My Flesh
Comaniac — Heart of Stone
Alphaville — Nevermore
Hector Anchondo Band — Here’s To Me Giving Up
Phantoms — Throw It In the Fire
Robert Cray — You Had My Heart
Coco Montoya — I’ll Find Someone Who Will
Sheryl Crow — Roller Skate
The Red Earth Blues Band — Rain Song
Skaza — Approaching Storm
Slowburner — Cryin’ at Midnight
Within The Fire — Time to Rise
Bourbon Alley — You’ve Gotta Move
Chuck Van Riper & Dave Thomas — Please Don’t Tell Me Now
Firewind — Wars Of Ages
Special EFX — Garden of Eden
Chords of Chaos — Heaven and Hell

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