084 IMAGINE / New Order, Mr. Big, The Boyscout и другие в «СаундЧеке».

Треклист передачи: Heavens Fire — I Believe
Artefuckt — Geteilte Freude, Geteiltes Leid
Kerosec — Heritage Of Hate
Dirty Dave Osti — Who Knows Jam (Live)
Northern Lite — Enjoy the Silence
New Order — People On The High Line
Randall Bramblett — Pot Hole On Main Street
Speedtrip — My Evil Urge
Follow the Awakened — Open Up Your Eyes
Arthur Miles & Ardy Blues Band — Whiskey-Headed Woman
The Boyscout — Bang Bang
Mr. Big — Nothing Bad (About Feeling Good)
Heavy Petrol — Anger is an Energy
Seven Side Story — Won’t Take the Best of Me
Capital Cities — Swimming Pool Summer
Riverdogs — Something Inside
Jimmie Bratcher — I Don’t Hurt Anymore

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