A surprisingly laid-back mix to get your body going while your brain thinks its lying in a hammock on a South Pacific island.

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01. Mike Disco — You Yah Yo What
02. The Rhythm Slaves — Let Your Love Shine On (Phil Weeks Remix)
03. Groove Federation — A Pinch Of Soul
04. Sweaty Fish — Mooshy
05. Natasza and Oscarsix — 3 Seconds (Edmund Definitive Sax Mix)
06. Noir — No Strings Attached (Angel Anx Tech Mix)
07. Naked Beats — Boys Like Girls
08. Cristiano Latini — Oh My God (Berhed’s Tribal Shock Remix)
09. CutCulprit — Wake It Up
10. Soundcate — The Unity
11. Itokim — Be As One
12. Steve Boyett — Rachele (closing)

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Автор: Steve Boyett
Добавлен: 08.04.2010 13:04:00
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