A goofy start that heads straight for the funk until it builds to driving, insistent progressive house and a nice uplifting finish.

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01. Bobby Valentine — Goin Down (Bobby Valentine Remix)
02. Aki Bergen — Alma De Dios
03. Magors — Do I Move You (Tommy Largo Remix)
04. Ades Vapor — The Sound (Twizted Nation Remix)
05. Gabriel Marchisio — The UK Sound (Instrumental Mix)
06. Ben Businovski — Analysis (Sven Dedek Remix)
07. Noir — Ragnarok (Shin Nishimura Remix)
08. Arias — Twelve
09. Shuffle Progression — Telepathy (Edson Pride Suramerica Mix)
10. DJ Caverna — Silence
11. Paranoid Soul — Aruba Sunrise
12. Steve Boyett — Rachele (closing) (free download)

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Добавлен: 26.03.2010 13:03:00
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