Psy Trance music provides an hour of driving beats and manic intensity to fuel your workout.

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01. Cade — Relentless (Bartdon Remix)
02. Ender — Thought Creates Illusion*
03. Meerkat — No Time Like Your Face*
04. Hakkah — Tribes of Libalayera*
05. Elegy — Paradise*
06. Cosmic Industries — Universal of Mind*
07. Deformaty, Lightspeed — Stellar Collapse (Soulforse Remix)
08. Lectro Spektral Daze — Crystal Clear*
09. Dirt Revolver — Soul Surfer
10. Electric Soulside — Predator Clan (Keith MacKenzie & DJ Fixx Rmx)
11. Shamanizm Parallelii — Box with Old Toys*

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