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01. Xandr Colins — Under Speed (Resonant Status Breakthless Remix)
02. Animal Picnic, Aaryon — Tets
03. Los Paranos — Madness (Cold Miles Remix)
04. Toni Alvarez, Miguel Do Reis — PMDLC
05. DJ Tonio — Floods
06. Kiko — Mindgate
07. DJ Tonio — Metropolitain
08. Kayshan, Mariion Christiian — Mariposa (Stromline Remix)
09. Tonal Grooves — Turn Style
10. Journeyman, Barrcode — Nite Trayn
11. Harold Heath — Tigers Eye (Dj AX Remix)
12. Allan Zax — Stylish Black (Dj AX Brightness Mix)

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