A mild-mannered start, but before you know it you’re cranking right along. Stealthy, no?

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01. Adam K and Addy — Sub Cultured
02. Infinitize — Rising Down
03. Shuffle Progression — Tonight (Andy Notalez Remix)
04. Noir — Ragnarok (Nikitin & Semikashev Remix)
05. Nikitin & Semikashev — Relapse (Nathan Cozzetto Remix)
06. Noir — No Strings Attached (Einmusik Remix)
07. Cristiano Latini — Oh My God (VinxXx Remix)
08. Dot Com — Sleazy Reaction
09. Ades Vapor — Someday (Electro Instrumental Mix)
10. Mark Zero — Tear My Knees (Cyril Nevada Remix)
11. Sevag — Taken
12. Ades Vapor — The Sound
13. Steve Boyett — Rachele (closing)

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