One major amped-up vein-bulging full-out hyper screaming videogame barrage of a workout mix. Ejection seat optional.

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01. DJ Kef — Tech Me (Nocti Remix)
02. Martin Garnier — My Way
03. Disko Bitch — Oddball
04. Perfect Reflection — Presto
05. Burak Harsitlioglu — Pure Discipline
06. Rol Madness — Night In Ibiza (Electric Pulse & DJ Flashboy Remix)
07. Albert Van Leizer — Mexico of Night
08. Bee Bee — Mercury
09. Brent Sadowick — Bruxia
10. DJ Keri — Sounds of Desire (Instrumental Mix)
11. Kimmy Baxter — Passin Planet
12. Jason Fiero — Shanghai Showdown
13. Mr. Sliff — The Riff

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Автор: Steve Boyett
Добавлен: 29.01.2010 13:01:00
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