This mix starts out minimal and gradually adds elements to become more intense as your workout progresses.

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01. DEIVIdY — Back
02. Alexandro G, Bastien Groove — Tongues
03. SBNS — Gallahad
04. Samuel Zamora — Keep Alert
05. Virgil — La Fuente (RWAC Edit)
06. Spnyrd — Transpose
07. RWAC — Waves of Danube (ANDATA Remix)
08. RWAC — Waves of Danube (Luca Gudermann Remix)
09. Spnyrd — Soar
10. RWAC — Waves Of Danube (SPNYRD Remix)
11. RWAC — Waves of Danube (Bodo Neumann Remix)
12. Insomnic — Time Relativity
13. DJ Billy Brown & Lady S — Thank You (Club Instrumental Mix)
14. Winterya — Susanna

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