Belarus protests: Putin pledges $1.5bn loan at Lukashenko meeting

President Putin has offered his public backing to his Belarusian counterpart, the embattled Alexander Lukashenko. The UN’s human rights chief has called for an urgent investigation into the violent suppression of protests in Belarus. We hear from a female protester — held over the weekend in prison — threatened with rape.

Also, Donald Trump tours the western US states, ravaged by wildfires, his rival Joe Biden calls him a climate arsonist. We’ll hear from those caught in the destruction. And why shrunken heads may no longer have a place in one of Oxford’s most famous museums.

(Photo: Alexander Lukashenko (L) met Vladimir Putin (R) for talks in Sochi. Credit: EPA)

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Автор: BBC World Service
Добавлен: 14.09.2020 21:09:00
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