Only beautiful music of your space…Created by M.SOUND 1. R.I.B. — Eyes Of Heavenly Color2. Laniakea — Licentious3. Artem Ivasenko — Serenity4. State Azure — Slipstream5. Rassolodin — Horizons6. Artem Beimler — Above Ground7. Rassolodin — Karina Valzdorf8. Seawaves — Our Silent Hearts (Ambient Vocal Version)9. X3no — Distress (X3no Scalar Mix)10. Oto Kapanadze — Outer Space11. Warmth — A Dusty Place in the Head

Music for lounge & chillout cafe, bars, spa, exposition and presentations, fashion displays…

1.R.I.B. — Eyes Of Heavenly Color
2.Laniakea — Licentious
3.Artem Ivasenko — Serenity
4.State Azure — Slipstream
5.Rassolodin — Horizons
6.Artem Beimler — Above Ground
7.Rassolodin — Karina Valzdorf
8.Seawaves — Our Silent Hearts (Ambient Vocal Version)
9.X3no — Distress (X3no Scalar Mix)
10.Oto Kapanadze — Outer Space
11.Warmth — A Dusty Place in the Head

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Автор: M.SOUND
Добавлен: 12.06.2017 13:06:19
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