Deep Energy # 6 — Movement

Hi I’m Jim Butler and Welcome to Deep Energy Podcast # 6 –Movement

Hello hope everyone is doing well,  A couple of interesting things has happened since the last podcast, and I promise I won’t talk too much …

One of the  sponsors of the podcast is Angies list. If you need someone to work on your home, repair your car or a massage therapist check Angies list first.
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Ok to the music stuff….

I have a new CD/Download. It is called Deep Energy 3 and right now is exclusively available from my website It’s a one track 59 minute space journey …very mellow, very laid backed type of thing. It ‘s what’s playing underneath me speaking right now…If you order from me through pay pal you get The full CD length download w/ all fo the artwork, another full length version separated into 4 smaller tracks..and two complete remixes of the entire CD. So 3 = hours of music for 10.00. the link is on the front page of the website. I hope you check it out…

Second I have an iPhone app that’s available through the app store for 2.99. It’s Called Deep Energy –The App…

With the app you can do the following …

Stream ALL (Deep Energy and the Dark Ambient) of the podcasts in the background, so you can do other things on your phone at the same time.

Be able to see the episode notes right on the phone.

There is artwork for almost all of the podcasts.

Direct link to my Twitter page..and E-mail

That’s good jim but what else…Why am I paying money for something I get basically for free….Excellent question ..I’m glad you asked…
When the company that made the app Wizzard approached me and wanted to know if I would do an app, I thought of what would give it value …and the only thing I have of value is music….so if you press on the bonus features button on the app you will find

Downloadable wall papers for your phone taken form my collection of personal photographs.

And for most of the older podcasts, I went back and did a remix of them and shortened them to about 20-30 minutes of music.

For all of the Podcasts going forward, the bonus audio will be the Current podcast expanded to 90 minutes with no speaking, ads etc….so just pure music ….So the bonus feature for this podcast will be a cool wallpaper download and the Peace and Beauty podcast expanded to 90 minutes with no talking by yours truly ..and this includes the Deep Energy Podcasts as well..

I have bonus audio for some, but not all of the pasts podcasts ..Still working on that…

All of the info and links for the new cd and the iphone are right on the front page of my website  

If you need to use my music for commercial use, please go to and check out the reasonably priced selections that are available.

Please check out my other Podcast, Dark Ambient. That podcast is available on itunes.

You can find me on Twitter and the fan pages for the deep energy podcast on Facebook

Again my website is and my e-mail is

Hopefully this didn’t take too long and Thanks

Enjoy the music and talk to you in 30 days …


Thanks for listening and before you hear a sample of the new CD I wanted to let you know about the offer for listeners of the podcast from

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