Deep Energy 79 — color of dreams — Music for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healing and Therapy

The Deep Energy Podcast is sponsored by Weighting Comforts. What is Weighting Comforts? Weighting Comforts makes weighted blankets that help improve your sleep and reduce anxiety.  These blankets are designed by a therapist and they help you fall sleep faster and give you a deeper more restful sleep. They have helped people with other things like PTSD, Anxiety, Restless leg syndrome and more.  Hi everyone, my name is Jim Butler and welcome to Deep Energy Podcast # 79 titled ‘the color of dreams’. How is everyone doing out there? Hope everyone is doing well!! An hour long ambient meditation is ahead. I hope everyone enjoys it. I receive e-mails frequently from people who say how much the podcast helps them relax, helps them sleep, helps calm them when anxiety sets in and I can’t think of another company that more perfectly matches up with what I try to do with my music than Weighting Comforts. Like I mentioned last month Josh from Weighting Comforts was kind enough to send me a blanket to try out. I wish I could say I have been using it every night but that would be a lie. I am sharing it with my wife. I get to use it for two nights, and then she uses it for two nights.  I even tried to sneak in an extra night and she said ‘isn’t it my night for the blanket’. It was worth a shot.  And yes we just call it ‘the blanket’. Neither of us had ever used a weighted blanket before. Like I mentioned before the blanket really is wonderful. I’ve been using it when I sleep, and I find myself not tossing and turning as much as I would usually, I’m having a much deeper sleep and been waking up relaxed.  For her, the blanket feels comforting and she wakes up less during the night. If you go to their website,  there are testimonials and a ton of information on the different styles, fabrics and weights of the blankets, what they do, and how they help. I also wanted to mention that the blankets are handmade and hand sewn in Nashville, Tennessee by refugees working to create income for their families. The blanket I received was extremely well made and felt really solid. When you do decide to purchase a blanket, use the promo code deepenergy25 and you will get $25.00 off of your purchase. Besides the benefits for yourself, you will be helping support the podcast and refugee families! And they do ship internationally …. So that’s $25.00 off when you use the promo code deepenergy25 and thanks to Josh and Weighting Comforts for sponsoring the podcast!!! The website link is also in the show notes. AND  The Podcast is additionally sponsored by Audible! Audiobooks are great for helping you be a better you – whether you want to feel healthier, get motivated or learn something new. Try books like: The Healing power of Reiki by Raven Keys The Chakra System by Anodea Judith Energy Medicine by Dnna Eden. All excellent choices to improving your mind, body and soul . Audible helps you listen to more books by letting you switch seamlessly between devices, picking up exactly where you left off. So say you are listening on your drive into work, through your car, phone or tablet, it will pick up where you left off when you get home on your Amazon Echo. With Audible you can get through tons of books (hands and eyes-free) while doing almost anything. Audible members get a credit every month good for any audiobook in their store, regardless of price, and your unused credits roll over to the next month. If you are not absolutely 100 percent satisfied with your audiobook, you can exchange it, no questions asked. Plus, your books are yours to keep. With Audible you can go back and re-listen any time, even if you cancel your membership. Start a 30-day trial and your first audiobook is free. Go to   or, this is so cool, text to 500-500 and Audible will get you set up and ready to enjoy an audiobook . You have so many choices on Audible. From titles in Business, Classics, Biographies, fiction and non-fiction, plus many New Age and Holistic titles available on your smartphone or portable device. Their interface is sharp and easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for. I wanted to give a recommendation. Since I am a musician I thought I would recommend a title about a musician. But not any musician, but the Boss, Bruce Springsteen and his autobiography ‘Born to Run’, read by Bruce himself! A highlight of seeing Bruce in concert is listening to him tell stories between the songs. The Audible version of his bestselling book is like listening to him tell stories for almost 19 hours. He has had an amazing life and this title captures so much of it in his own words and voice. This title is just a gift from the Springsteen Gods. So my Recommendation is Born to Run, the autobiography of Bruce Springsteen, Read by Bruce Springsteen. And you can get that for free or any other title when you start a 30 day trial with Audible. You can go to or text to 500-500 to get started. The link and information will be in the show notes and on my website Thanks again to Audible for their support of the podcast!!       You can find out more about me and my music at or you can just say hi at Now Deep Energy 79 – color of dreams. Peace. Bye.  

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