Feel @ Record Club #939 (21-07-2020)

01. Mark and Lukas — Dreams Where Im Fading (Original Mix) [EMERGENT SHORES]
02. Cosmaks — Departure (Extended Mix) [ELLIPTICAL SUN]
03. DIM3NSION Lydia Schrough — Always Loved You (Extended Mix) [FLASHOVER]
04. Arty — Horyzon (Extended Mix) [ARMADA]
05. Milad E and Evgeny Kutsenok — Submariner (Extended Mix) [INTERPLAY]
06. Aimoon feat. Alaera — Summer Vibe (Extended Mix) [SUANDA VOICE]
07. Above and Beyond — Jam (Extended Mix) [ANJUNABEATS]
08. Eximinds and HGHLND — The Tempest (Extended Mix) [INTERPLAY]
09. Deepsky — Cosmic Dancer (Orkidea Pure Progressive Remix) [PURE PROGRESSIVE]
10. Space Corps — Escape Protocol (Original Mix) [INHARMONY]
11. Andy Duguid feat. Jaren — My Thunder (Original Mix) [MAGIK MUZIK]
12. Rodg x Super8 and Tab — Soundcheck (Extended Mix) [STATEMENT]
13. Costa and Hysteria! — Dagger (Extended Mix) [RNM]
14. Armin van Buuren and Justine Suissa — Burned With Desire (FEEL BANGING Remix) [ARMADA]
15. BT feat. Emma Hewitt — No Warning Lights (Extended Mix) [BLACK HOLE]
16. AVAO Ft Mike Schmid — Over and Over (Original Mix) [REACHING ALTITUDE]
17. Alex Leavon — Field Of Dreams (Extended Mix) [PERSPECTIV MUSIC]
18. Leon Bolier — Perpetual (Extended Mix) [FLASHOVER]
19. WhiteLight — Critical Point (Extended Mix) [SUANDA BASE]
20. Tensteps feat. Linney — One With Me (Extended Mix) [INHARMONY]
21. Claus Backslash — Legendary Places (Original Mix) [COLDHARBOUR]
22. Jaxx and Vega vs. Outrage x Machado — Rave Control (Extended Mix) [REACHING ALTITUDE]
23. Hit The Bass Oraw feat. Kate Miles — Let Me Be (Bobby Neon Remix) [REACHING ALTITUDE]
24. Atragun — Amarok (Tycoos Remix) [ENTRANCING]
25. Matthias Bishop — Night In Norway (Mhammed El Alami Remix) [AURAL SONIC]
26. Trance Arts and Kirsty Hawkshaw and Jan Johnston — Smoke (F.G. Noise Extended Mix) [AMSTERDAM TRANCE]
27. Robert Maya and Kate Miles — Stay (Extended Mix) [SUANDA TRUE]
28. XiJaro Pitch vs. LightControl — Elixir Of Angels (Extended Mix) [GROTESQUE]
29. Richard Durand — Perseverance (Extended Mix) [BLACK HOLE]
30. ReOrder feat. Bo Bruce — We Are The World (Extended Mix) [WAO138]
31. Eryon Stocker — Rhapsody (Extended Mix) [MONSTER PURE]
32. Spectorsonic and Alex BELIEVE — Aura (Abstract Vision Remix) [AZIMA]

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