Maurizio Basilotta, DiscoVer. — Gypsy Woman (No Hopes & Pushkarev Radio Edit)

La da dee la dee da. Oh, wait! No Spoilers allowed! Friends, ladies, gentlemen and their parents — let’s unite in dance and sing with us because you know these words for many years or even decades. The release with original mix of «Gypsy Woman» by Maurizio Basilotta and DiscoVer. saw the light on our label almost 2 years ago and it’s time to give new breath for this timeless song. A collaboration of two Russian artists No Hopes and Pushkarev want to share with you their own vision of club music! It’s seems that they don’t like preludes, but definitely know how to control the crowd! They increased bass dynamic and add hard drops for your party or a playlist. This version will blow up the dancefloors or your chat during home stream! Want to hear more? But why?! La da dee la dee da. Volume up!………

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Автор: PromoDJ
Добавлен: 20.07.2020 18:07:10
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