Nando: communities that matter, fashion as therapy, on feeling confident

Episode 2: Nando

Welcome to the second season of «Мемус Решает». This summer I’ve gone to Burning Man for a new adventure. There I decided to record a few episodes about the whole experience.

In the second episode I’m talking to Nando. He is a super confident guy and has a keen eye for fashion. He even helped me to create new outfits for this Burn. In this short recording in the middle of the desert we talk about Nando’s search for great communities worldwide, Burning Man being a place to play with yourself and with your attitudes to life, creating outfits as art and building inner confidence.

Links to communities that Nando mentioned:

You can learn more about Burning Man here:

In the next episode, I’ll talk to Anya Pirogova about going to Burning Man for 4 years in a row.

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