NHL Prediction: Boston Bruins vs Carolina Hurricanes on 19.08.2020

The Boston Bruins will sort things out with the Carolina Hurricanes in the NHL playoffs on August 19. We, in turn, will make a prediction for this confrontation.

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Boston Bruins

Boston has changed as a team in the series with Carolina. They started to play a little better than they did before. Of course, in the regular season, their play was significantly different and was better than it is now, but in the first few games of the playoffs, the Bruins did not shine at all. And their recent performance is definitely a step in the right direction.

The Bruins managed to use their chances in the offense and score three or four goals per game, but at the same time they concede about three goals per game, and therefore they may have difficulties in following rounds. We emphasize that the team won two matches in a row against the Hurricanes with the scores 3-1 and 4-3. In one of the games, even Jake DeBrusk scored a pair. In general, we can say that Boston has adjusted to the style of their opponents and feels comfortable at the moment.

Carolina Hurricanes

Carolina planned to go further than Boston in this Stanley Cup, but it turned out that they were not so well prepared for this. The Hurricanes had a great streak with the Rangers and beat them with a score of 3-0, but now, oddly enough, they cannot do anything about the opponent’s offense.

To be fair, the team’s playstyle is rather primitive, and it’s easy to adapt to it. Head coach Rod Brind’Amour needs to change something if he wants to continue the contest to get into the next round. We also emphasize that the team does not make the opponent’s goalkeeper work too much and inflicts significantly fewer shots on goal than the opponent.

Boston Bruins – Carolina Hurricanes prediction

In our opinion, Boston has practically found its game and clearly began to act better in the offense than they were in the opening matches. We believe that the Bruins can once again deal with the Hurricanes and advance to the next round because Carolina is unlikely to be able to find a solution to their problems so quickly.

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