Paul van Dyk is back with an exciting episode this week showcasing two VANDIT exclusives including his brand new single Guiding Light featuring Sue Mclaren, alongside some top tracks this week from Eric Lumiere, Sound Of The Stars, Factor B, Denis Shepard, and Roger Shah.

Paul van Dyk & Sue McLaren, Guiding Light, VANDIT
Liquid Soul & Zyrus 7, The Future, Joof
Dennis Shepard and Roger Shah, Malam, Blackhole
Steve Dekay, Singularity, DSR
Tasadi & Noah Steward, The Calling, Serendipidy
Joint Operation Centre, Moonlight, Subculture
Bluespark, Rainforest. Push Studios

Everlight, Hyperdrive, Nocturnal Knights Fusion
Ultimate & Moonsouls, Rush, Interplay
LTN & Eric Lumiere, Shining, Ava
Blue Serigala, Inside Of You, Serendipidy
Rafael Osmo, Sunset In Ibiza, Perfecto
Factor B, Bravo, Subculture

Cold Blue, Luminous, Blackhole
Renegade System, From The Source, Nocturnal Knights Fusion
Miroslav Vrilk, Hyperfocus, Always Alive
Matthias Bischop, Chase Your Dreams, Aurasonic
Sound Of The Stars, Aion, Blackhole

Khalai, Firestorm, Blackhole
Rysto & Dave Steward, Into The Infinite, Perfecto
Chris SX & Spectral, The Angelcy, Axiom
Arctic Moon, Punkstars, Nocturnal Knights Fusion
Dogzilla, Without You, Maelstrom
Paul van Dyk, Duality, VANDIT

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Автор: Paul Van Dyk
Добавлен: 31.07.2020 06:07:00
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