Premiere: Coss & Iorie — Mu (Original Mix) [Heimlich Musik]

Artist: Coss, Iorie (Germany)
Label: Heimlich Musik
Genre: Downtempo
Release Date: 28.08.2020

Teaming up for the 15th EP on Heimlich Musik, Coss and Iorie deliver Casual International located somewhere between Chinatown and the Atlantic Ocean, with Shubostar and Arutani on remix duty.

Cielo Azul is shaped by one of Iorie’s rare vocal appearances in Spanish with an organic beat underlined by dreamy guitar parts while Mu is based on a Chinese mantra supported by an intense bass line.

Arutani’s interpretation of Cielo Azul is based on an arpeggiator bass accentuated by stripped-down parts of the original. Shubostar adds some extra tension by transforming Mu into an energic Disco banger.

Casual International as a whole creates a diverse picture of musical approaches to survive this special kind of summer.

Heimlich Musik:
Soundcloud: @heimlichaufsc

Soundcloud: @coss

Soundcloud: @iorie

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Автор: Deep House Moscow
Добавлен: 28.08.2020 00:08:00
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