Premiere: Dan Bay — Boca Tauce (kalupke Remix) [Heimlich Musik]

Combining field recordings from all over the world with vintage synthesizers, Dan Bay delivers the 14th EP on Heimlich Musik, complete with four original mixes and remixes by Oberst & Buchner, Le Rubrique, Spaniol, and kalupke.

All original mixes are based on organic instrument recordings and a variety of percussion sounds. Adding melancholic synthesizer lines and classic drum machine samples, Dan Bay transforms original ideas into versatile dance music.

Remixing „One Night in Kerala“, Heimlich’s very own Oberst & Buchner give their energetic interpretation a subtle 80s touch, while Spaniol’s approach is taking the original on a hypnotic trip with a focus on the epic main theme recorded by guitarist Max Clouth.

Le Rubrique’s treatment of „Phishing Wales“ comes as a stripped-down version of the original with deep Dub Techno elements creating an ecstatic atmosphere, and Cologne-based Duo kalupke is rounding up the EP perfectly with their unique relaxed and dreamy style.

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Добавлен: 05.06.2020 00:06:00
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