Premiere: Ras Algethi — Feel High [Alpha Black]

Artist: Ras Algethi (Russia)
Label: Alpha Black Records
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 30.07.2021

Alpha Black 033 Ras Algethi “Feel High EP”

For this release we bring to you our new wolf, Ras Algethi, and his beautiful ‘Feel High EP’.

Cheerful moods, above and beyond, ‘Feel high’ with the most refined sounds. The sharp melodic plucks and arps setting you into a trance, a sustained bass, refined beat, piano notes, all working together for an unbelievable track that will have you ‘feeling high’.

Always, always grooving, always intoxicated, by the beat, the percussion, the arpeggios, voices, always haunted voices. Met with the kick, the arp, the groove and the haunted voices. These sounds
will follow onto the dancefloor, your body, your soul… they are there, always.

Panning around, circling your mind and soul, Ras Algethi shows you what is up with ‘Rugo’ and its unstoppable rythm. The melodies and beats chasing you around into an ecclectic stasis of pure dancing emotions upon the its build ups and breakdowns.

This is how Ras Algethi presents himself with an absolute belter of an EP.

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Автор: Deep House Moscow
Добавлен: 29.07.2021 13:07:39
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